Getting that Wedding Day Glow


Hello world — I have neglected this blog once again. Why you ask?? Because I’m planning a wedding!

So let me give you an update on my life. I got engaged in July, and instantly the wedding plan started to fall into place. We got the venue, caterer, florist, dress, cake, band…we’re ready to party! Since January hit, it has been wedding activity after wedding activity. I tried on my dress (it fit! *sigh of relief*). We’ve purchased gifts and decor. We saw our band perform live (they’re kind of awesome). And I had my first bridal shower!

What an amazing day. I was fighting a cold, but it was amazing to be surrounded by so much love and support for our upcoming wedding!

The other pre-wedding activity that happened recently was my hair and makeup trial. Which is the reason I’m writing this post. I found a fantastic vendor, and the trial went so well. But the makeup artist gave me some hints on how to improve my complexion as the wedding draws closer. So now I’m on a mission to have the best skin possible on my wedding day.

How am I going to do this?

Well I’m making big changes to my skin care routine. Before this makeup trial, I literally had no skin care routine. If my skin was super dry, I would scrounge up some old moisturizer in my medicine cabinet, and if I had a break out, I’d find some face wash or clearasil. But no more, I’m on a regimen (a small regimen, but we’re taking baby steps).

The first thing that she recommended was a moisturizer, and the brand she likes is Bobbi Brown. I didn’t have anything else to go off of, so Bobbi Brown it is. The other recommendation she made was to get an eye cream that contains caffeine and apply it every night before I go to bed. So I hopped on Amazon and purchased travel sizes of a Bobbi Brown moisturizer and a Clinique eye cream. I wanted to start small since this stuff is pricey!

So now let’s get to the part of skin care that I know about…nutrition.

4 Nutrition Tips for Healthy Skin

Hydration. You may be thinking, I know, I’m supposed to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Well, maybe. Everyone’s water needs are different! Adequate daily intake of fluids is believed to be around 11.5 cups for women and 15.5 cups for men. But what is more important is what’s going on in your body. Color of urine and feelings of thirst are the determining factors for hydration status.

It’s not just about water. There are foods that have a high water content to keep you nice and hydrated! Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables that have a particularly high water content: berries, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, melon, bell peppers, cauliflower, and zucchini. Not only are you boosting your fluid intake, but you’re also taking in antioxidants that are going to help your skin glow and fight aging!

The good kind of fat. Avocados, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds are full of healthy fats. Incorporating these into your diet will help nourish your skin and prevent dryness.

Collagen. This is relatively new to me. My brother read a book that got him hooked on collagen and bone broth, and I thought he was a little cray cray. But then I saw it at a booth at FNCE (a big dietetics expo), and then it started popping up all over Instagram. So I did my research. While research is limited, some studies did show a significant improvement in skin after 8 weeks of collagen supplementation. I can’t vouch for this one just yet, but I stocked up on some Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I’ve been using them for about a week now, and will give my two cents soon!

So there you have it. My skin regimen for the next 11 weeks. Wedding day photos will prove if it was all worth it 😉

What are your tips for soft, hydrated skin? 



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