UPDATE: A Year of Change


What’s New with Hint of Wholesome

Hello all!

Needless to say, I haven’t touched “Hint of Wholesome” in over a year. And that’s just not right! I started this blog during my dietetic internship as a way to create and share delicious recipes. Well a lot has happened since then, so here’s the update!

Well what’s new, you may ask?

I passed the RD exam and started working for a lovely private practice where I get to counsel clients and help them reach their health goals! Yay!

registered dietitian update

What else?

I started dating someone last year and little did we know it would turn into something so much more! He asked me to marry him on July 1st, and we couldn’t be more excited to start this new adventure!

engagement update

The best part

Every Friday, well most Fridays, we have set out on a mission to find the best pizza around. We try a different pizza restaurant each time and rate the crust, toppings, ambiance, etc. The best tradition ever. #pizzafriday

pizza friday update

Last but not least…

@olliegoldendoodle is all grown up! Oliver will be turning 2 soon, and I have loved every minute of raising a puppy!

olliegoldendoodle update

So now what?

Ever since I let this blog fall through the cracks, I have continued to develop recipes for our private practice blog, as well as with my good friend Klara for our creative endeavor, “Uncorked Kitchen.” However, I find myself still longing to have my own creative outlet. Thus, Hint of Wholesome will be revived! So what can you expect? Food, of course. However, there will be more lifestyle components. I have a wedding to plan, people! Join me on this new adventure of planning a wedding, embarking on married life, traveling to new places, #pizzafridays4life, getting another puppy (a girl can dream, right?), decorating my first non-college apartment (what can I say, I’ve jumped on the live-with-your-parents-for-as-long-as-possible train), and everything in between!



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